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Know More About Granite


Granite can be an igneous rock or metamorphic rock. Igneous rock is basically rock that has melted due to being deep inside the earth, turned into magma and then cooled, whereas metamorphic rock occurs when the plates inside the earths crust push down on igneous rock, sedimentary rock and other already formed metamorphic rock, which fuses together to form new unique metamorphic rocks that can even contain minerals such as; quartz, amethyst, emerald and gold to name a few.


This stone is truly magnificent as it comes in so many variations and designs. Very dependent on the part of the world, Scientists can easily determine each stone's origin, literally from the markings and colours found within.

It is quarried using differing methods and this is because of the individual purposes that the stone will be used for; some granite is used for building interior designs and requires a much more careful approach, as the rock needs to be cut into slabs once mined, whereas other granite is used in cementing and such the requirement to take care not to break when mining is not so important.

Found in a wide range of colours from black to almost white, this stone has become extremely popular within the building trade for many differing products!

Granite by nature could never actually be pure white, or probably pure black for that matter, as it generally has grains of some kind found within, but it can be almost black in that case and with this colour the markings are harder to see than with the lighter shades of this type of stone.

It could be said that there is a colour to match all with this stone. But in my opinion, this is not absolutely true. Man made stone fills the gap where granite cannot, but the beauty of granite can equally, in my opinion, never be compared!

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