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Natural Stone Sink Catalog

A stone sink is a bathroom or kitchen sink made from natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or onyx. Natural stone sinks can be found in the bathrooms of today but actually they were built by the Earth of yesterday. For thousands of years earthly elements have been compounding layer by layer to create a history of our geological world, like a line through time. Stone sinks are an alternative to porcelain or metal sinks. They add rich, natural color and texture to kitchens and bathrooms and can be complimented by different woods, metals and paint finishes in home decor. Stone sinks are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and styles.

Pengs Stone Products Provides a large selection, best quality and styles of granite sinks, marble sinks, onyx sinks and travertine sinks.
Custom sink orders can be made to your specifications. If you have any custom design or special request, please feel free to contact us.

Granite sinks are one of the most popular stone sink for bathroom decoration. Granite is a perfect choice for a bathroom sink because it is hard, tough and the least porous of all natural stones. The density of a granite sink is 2.75 g/cm3, which is higher than marble or limestone counterparts making it heavier but less susceptible to staining.

Marble sinks are also very popular for bathroom. They come in many different colors and unique veins which add more beauty to your bathroom.

Pengs Stone Products provides a wide range of material choices of marble sinks including crema marfil, white bianco carrerra, new beige, emperador, perlato and so on.

Onyx sinks are very special due to its unique veins and no two onyx sinks are alike.

The other unique feature of Onyx sink is that light can pass through. This allows the home owner to showcase the onyx sink under cabinet lighting that allow the stone vessel sink to emit a warm glow.


Travertine is sometimes known as travertine limestone, sometimes as travertine marble.these are the same stone, even though it is neither limestone or marble.

Travertine sinks provide a warm and aesthetic due to the natural colors and layered lines embedded in the stone.The most common variety is beige travertine.