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Natural Stone Floor Medallions

Natural Stone Floor Medallions

Natural stone medallion typically have the shape of a medal or emblem, consisting various oval or circular pattern so to use for elegant decorations. Stone floor medallions are frequently used as the focal point in a foyer or other floor area. A proper design medallion can make your floor an extrordinary floor.

In Pengs Stone Products you can find a large selection of pre-designed natural stone floor medallions. The stone floor medallions we offer are available in either square, retangular or circular varieties depending on your tile configuration or simply on your sense of aesthetics.If you can not find your favorite medallion or you already have a specific design or pattern in mind, please tell us and we can create custom medallion for you according to your specification. Moreover, we can change the color combinations and size of any of our medallions to your liking. We carry a variety of natural stone and marble colors.

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