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Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stones are the most commonly used for countertops. Granite and marble will probably be the most popular choices for your countertops. They are have a rich, elegant appearance and are natural stone that is extremely durable. Becoming more popular are two other materials, they are limestone and concrete. Limestone has more of a textured appeal compared to granite and the other stone countertop surfaces.

The granite and marble countertops have a sturdy, smooth finish that resists accidental spills that may stain the surface. Also, they are heat, burn proof and durable, which is very important because they are frequently used, as we know bathrooms are very essential in home living. Other things to be considered in making a choice are styles, designs and functions.

Natural stone countertops are becoming more and more popular considering the kitchen is the "most used" room in the home. Not only does having a natural stone kitchen countertop give the kitchen a beautiful, welcoming appearance, but it can also increase the overall value of the home. Whether a family wishes to install a natural stone countertop in their kitchen for their own comfort and enjoyment or in order to sell their home at a great price, they won't be disappointed.

Pengs Stone Products offer large selection of countertops, table tops and bar tops that are made of granite, marble, slate, soapstone, limestone, travertine, and sandstone. Custom orders can be made to your specifications. If you have any custom design or special request, please feel free to contact us.


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