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Artificial Stone Products

Artificial stone is more affordable alternative to natural stone that's capturing the attention of the architectural design and renovating world. Artificial stone products are environment-friendly engineered products that provide you all the advantages of natural stone, designed stones with none of the drawbacks. The legant beauty of artificial stone and practical efficiency affords many exciting design options for both interior and exterior wall facings and treatments, creating a harmony between your outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Artificial stone are widely used for flooring, wall cladding, bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, table tops, bar tops, floor medallion, and so on.

Here are some main features of artificial stone:

1. Artificial stone has high moisture resistance.

2. Artificial stone has high heat resistance.

3. High density make artificial stone products scratch-free.

4. Artificial stone products are manufacured seamlessly.

5. Artificial stone products can be easily repaired and no visible defect after repairing.

6. Artificial stone products are simple to care and spots can be easily washed off.

7. Artificial stone has lighter weight than natural stone.

8. Artificial stone products are easier and quicker to install.


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